Welcome to Square One (a plan for individuals or for groups) 

Square One is a 3-week protocol that allows you to take back your health. In these 3 weeks we will gently eliminate the top inflammatory foods and introduce foods that you’ll love and will benefit you in a myriad of ways. You will be given a daily menu plan, recipes and discussions. 


This Plan Includes:

- An hour discussion every week for 3 weeks
- Constant support over text or in a group forum
- A daily food plan
- Delicious recipes
- Optional supplements (discussed)

Why Do This?

- Increase your energy
- Help you control stress
- Improve your focus
- Help you manage your blood sugar
- Educate you about toxins, whole foods, and the difference
between good and bad fats.

Say Goodbye To:

- Headaches
- Gas
- Bloating
- Joint Pain
- GERD (acid reflux)
- Depression
- Weight gain
- Other symptoms impeding your health.