It’s not just what we eat, but how our bodies can utilize what we eat. It’s different for all.

Functional Nutrition looks at your diet and lifestyle, while working with your unique needs in order to help you improve your health. Understanding that there is physiological repair that needs to happen in order for healing and growth to occur. Knowing that even if a food is “good” it may not be good for that individual. So by understanding what’s going on for each person, we begin to zone in on recommendations unique for the individual.

·       I work towards root cause resolution, finding out why you are experiencing your signs and symptoms. 

·       I welcome partnerships with other healthcare professionals you may be seeing. 

·      By looking at your sleep, exercise, nutrition and relationships and how each of the body’s systems are connected, we begin to understand how each person is unique and everything is connected. 


Intake Form- A comprehensive and extensive questionnaire 

History Session- One-hour private phone session with Sandi to create your Timeline. There won’t be any advice given, but many questions asked about you and next steps discussed. 

As well as a food journal given to you after our session and to be completed before our next session 

History Timeline- A document that maps the correlation between life events and your health issues. This is a living document you can share with your doctors and other health care providers. 


Private Nutrition Sessions–Six custom 50-minute nutrition sessions (dates to be chosen with clients)

Educational Handouts 


Action Form– After each session you’ll get an updated, easy-to-digest plan that’s custom to you. Keep it visible to make your food planning simple and clear.


Total cost: $1300.00

Business hours access 9-5 M-F
Email me any questions or concerns M-F 10-4

 It’s important to know that there is no magic pill. It took a long time for your symptoms to occur, it may also take time to start feeling better. 
Together you and I will become a team, working to get you feeling your best self!