Sandi Cohen educates and empowers her clients to ultimately take control of their health and make conscious decisions that serve in a very impactful way. 


My Motivation


I’m Sandi Cohen, a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Nutrition Educator, and a Certified Nutrition Consultant who educates my clients on what’s going on in their body that’s causing their signs and symptoms. By addressing the root cause of their health concerns and introducing simple, targeted dietary and lifestyle modifications, we start to shift the terrain in order to help meet their health goals. 


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What is Functional Nutrition?

I was trained in Functional Nutrition by Andrea Nakayama who founded the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Functional nutrition is about taking the time to find the unique causes of a problem, rather than rushing to just apply a generic “quick fix” or only jumping to the diagnosis.  To find those answers, we ask questions, consider who that person is and look at all possible factors like genetics, environment and lifestyle.  We look at how food affects your body on a cellular level, and recognize that everyone is unique and has to be approached as such.



"I have worked with Sandi for 6 months and cannot recommend her enough. Sandi is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and health as a whole. She provided me with a highly personalized plan and adapted it as we went along. I always considered myself very knowledgeable about healthy eating, but Sandi provided me with even more knowledge, as well as the tools and support to apply this knowledge to my life and make meaningful change. I have been steadily losing weight, but more importantly, have been able to stick to these lifestyle changes, and in turn I feel the best I’ve felt in years. "

- MM, Los Angeles


All Services by Phone
310 245 2270

Free Consultation


I invite you to please call me for your free 15-minute consultation. In this discussion I’ll explain how my practice works and how I can best help to serve you in achieving your health goals.

Square One

Square One is a 3-week protocol that allows you to take back your health. In these 3 weeks we will gently eliminate the top inflammatory foods and introduce foods that you’ll love and will benefit you in a myriad of ways. You will be given a daily menu plan, recipes and discussions.

Square One Plus

Square one Plus is a 6-month protocol that first starts with the Square One elimination protocol.  Our 6 months together will help turn your signs and symptoms around in order to get you back on a healthy track and help you take control of your own health destiny.