After struggling with stomach issues for over a year and being seen and treated by both western and eastern (and combo west/east) doctors I consulted with Sandi regarding my diet in an effort to “right” whatever “wrong” that was occurring in my gut. Her informative, no-nonsense, clear and confident approach to the gentle elimination protocol made perfect sense. I was able to understand what wasn’t working for me anymore and clean up my entire body and way of living. I am eternally and internally grateful to Sandi!!
— BN, Los Angeles
I just finished Square One Plus! The encouragement from Sandi has helped me keep on track. I know I can contact her with questions and will be warmly received. I reached my goal weight and my signs and symptoms have gone away! Now I’m healthy, fit and energetic! I could not be more grateful to Sandi.
— KS, Calgary
Sandi and I began working together on my nutrition and overall health last Spring. She began with an in-depth analysis of my health history, my current eating habits and overall sense of well-being. She was extremely thorough - left no stone unturned. During this process, she gently guided me towards healthier habits and much more self-awareness. Her knowledge was instrumental in helping me to understand why some of my old habits were so unhealthy. It is incredible how the adjustments that she recommended have made a difference in my life. I feel better, I am stronger, I am sharper, I sleep better and I’m just happier because of the things she recommended specifically for me. It has been an empowering experience to work with Sandi, and to get in touch with how nutrition is the key to good health. I could not recommend her services more.
— JF, Zurich
I have worked with Sandi for 6 months and cannot recommend her enough. Sandi is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and health as a whole. She provided me with a highly personalized plan and adapted it as we went along. I always considered myself very knowledgeable about healthy eating, but Sandi provided me with even more knowledge, as well as the tools and support to apply this knowledge to my life and make meaningful change. I have been steadily losing weight, but more importantly, have been able to stick to these lifestyle changes, and in turn I feel the best I’ve felt in years.
— MM, Los Angeles
My experience with Sandi has been fantastic. She is knowledgeable, passionate and extremely supportive! The fact that we are working together even though we are thousands of miles apart doesn’t even come into play. I look forward to our phone meetings and enjoy all the personal attention from the comfort of my home! Most importantly though, I am feeling so much better than I ever thought possible!
Thanks Sandi!
— JF, Ottawa
Having battled fatigue, bloating, poor sleep, and unhealthy eating habits for years, I decided to consult with Sandi Cohen Nutrition. Best decision I made. From the initial consult, through the assessment phase, to the nutritional planning and the follow-ups, Sandi’s approach with true dedication, made this journey pleasant, rewarding and enduring! Her attention to detail makes it easy for anyone to follow the plans she creates for your personal needs. Sandi is there right beside you, along for the ride, helping you every step of the way. I now have renewed energy, I’m eating well and living well!
— CM, Calgary
My husband and I just finished Square One Plus! Sandi Cohen is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She literally transformed the way my husband and I eat, cook, and shop for food. The best part is that the process was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the very first time we sat down to meet, I really felt like she was on my team. She was always incredibly accessible for every big or small question I had. Of course, most importantly, a year down the road, I feel better and have more energy than I ever did before.
— RC, Los Angeles
Sandi’s approach is incredibly informative and lasting. She gave manageable tips, recipes and routines that were easy to implement and have helped me improve my overall eatings habits. She helped me better understand the importance of living an organic lifestyle; how it affects my energy, wellness and it’s impact on the environment and local economies. I’d highly recommend her practice for anyone who wants a positive and holistic approach to bettering their health and lifestyle.
— EK, New York
I was on the hamster wheel!! Addicted to sleeping pills for 7 years and petrified to try to sleep without them while also experiencing stomach issues from drinking coffee in the morning to try to wake up from the sleeping pills, I had a feeling it was time to do something for my health! Sandi Cohen is encouraging and knowledgeable and I couldn’t wait to learn more. Everything finally made sense to me and I gained so much powerful information to make slight changes for the better. Sandi Cohen is a masterful functional nutritionist and really listens to each individual’s needs and desires for incorporating health into a life well lived.
— DL Los Angeles